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I'm Here For Love (Silvie Deluxe)

Andrej Lupin's "I'm Here for Love" takes it's title from the bright and bubbly pop song that plays during the title sequence. During that sequence Silvie Deluxe, in her bathrobe, boils water and makes tea to share with her lover, William Zef. When some tea is accidentally spilled, Deluxe takes on the role of nurturer and nurse, soothing Zef's hand with a stream of cool water. The contact, the caring, this unexpectedly intimate exchange, triggers spontaneous desire in the couple and they joyously ascend the stairs to the bedroom. Here the mood of the film shifts. The glare of the kitchen is replaced by the muted glow of the boudoir, the pop tones are traded for solo piano, and a casual chat over cups of tea becomes an intimate and intensely romantic encounter. Kissing — deep, passionate, and prolonged — is lingered over and indulged in at length as the lovers express their connection. There is much stroking, sucking, frigging, and fucking, but this isn't acrobatic or exhibitionistic in the slightest degree — "I'm Here for Love" is all about two lovers, sharing love, making love, and completely submitting to their love. "I'm Here for Love" is a perfect selection for lovers of romantic erotica.


on 29/11/16

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