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Hotel Boss Blackmails PSS For Sex (Georgie Lyall)

Be sure to check out her solo vid. Georgie’s been shooting porn for a while now and sometimes with girls like that the excitement’s gone out of things a bit and they can find it hard to reach a genuine orgasm when you ask them to play with themselves. No such problem with Georgie, and she proves it at the very end by showing us her sticky fingers. In the scene she plays the manager of the hotel we’ve been filming some smut in. There have been complaints about the noise and in she comes giving us grief and threatening to blackball us with all the other local hotels. Although she might not, she explains, if Pascal can see his way to taking his cock out of his trousers and giving her a jolly good seeing-to. Deal done. It’s a cracking scene. Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching and see you next week.


on 9/2/18