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(Belle Claire)

Maxmilian Dior looks on in amusement as sexy redhead Belle Claire acts like a “Typical Woman,” unable to decide what to wear. He appreciates the show as she tries on outfit after outfit, but ultimately he prefers it when she’s in nothing but her panties, her beautiful breasts bare. Frustrated, Belle launches a playful attack on her man, her teasing turning to passion as he rolls on top of her and pins her down for a hot embrace. Maxmilian kisses his way down Belle’s exotically tattooed body, pulling off her panties and eating her sweet shaved pussy until she’s letting out little moans and gasps of pleasure. She guides his mouth back to hers so she can taste herself on his lips, then frees his stiff cock from his pants, looking up at him so sexily as she strokes and licks it. Belle sits astride Maxmilian’s face so he can eat her some more, pausing to suck and jerk his rigid shaft before straddling it and grinding her wet pussy along it. She guides his bone into her hot slot, riding slowly, tantalizing them both until Maxmilian flips her onto her back and drives in harder and deeper. Now Belle is so aroused she raises her hips off the bed so Maxmilian can slam into her, his thumb rubbing her clit and her perfect tits jiggling. He sets the pace, lifting her into his lap to bounce on his cock and then fucking her vigorously through her intense orgasm before painting her pussy with his hot load. Blissed out, Belle finally gets dressed; but it seems they’re not done making love just yet…


on 7/4/17

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